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Judges Eligible for Retention Election - 2014

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Please note: The listing below contains information regarding judges who are eligible to file for retention in the November 2014 election.

The Secretary of State's filing deadline is August 1, 2014. Candidate list of judges who have filed can be found on the Secretary of State’s Judicial Filings webpage.

The list below will be finalized after the filing deadline has passed.

Supreme Court | Court of Appeals | District | Separate Juvenile | County | Workers' Comp.


Supreme Court:

Judge Lindsey Miller-Lerman


Court of Appeals:

Judge John Irwin

Judge Michael Pirtle


District Court:

Judge David K. Arterburn

Judge Richard A. Birch

Judge Daniel E. Bryan, Jr.

Judge Timothy P. Burns

Judge J. Michael Coffey

Judge Duane C. Dougherty

Judge Mary C. Gilbride

Judge Geoffrey C. Hall

Judge Terri S. Harder

Judge Andrew R. Jacobsen

Judge Paul W. Korslund

Judge Mark D. Kozisek

Judge Randall L. Lippstreu

Judge Travis P. O'Gorman

Judge Marlon A. Polk

Judge Gary B. Randall

Judge Donald E. Rowlands

Judge Stephanie F. Stacy

Judge Paul J. Vaughan


Separate Juvenile Court:

Judge Lawrence D. Gendler

Judge Linda S. Porter


County Court:

Judge Michael P. Burns

Judge Joseph P. Caniglia

Judge Linda S. Caster Senff

Judge Marcena M. Hendrix

Judge John E. Huber

Judge Todd J. Hutton

Judge Marcela A. Keim

Judge Sheryl L. Lohaus

Judge Darryl R. Lowe

Judge Curtis L. Maschman

Judge Craig Q. McDermott

Judge Patrick R. McDermott

Judge Kris D. Mickey

Judge Michael E. Piccolo

Judge Charles M. Samuelson

Judge Edward D. Steenburg

Judge Steven B. Timm

Judge Kent D. Turnbull

Judge KennethJ. Vampola

Judge Arthur S. Wetzel

Judge James M. Worden


Workers’ Compensation Court:

Judge Michael K. High

Judge Thomas E. Stine

Judge Laureen K. Van Norman

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