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Nebraska Supreme Court Implementation Committee on Pro Se Litigation

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Origin/Authorization: Consultation Minutes of February 26, 2003

Terms: All appointments to be at the pleasure of the Court

Purpose Statement: To engage in continuing analysis and study of the challenges which pro se litigation poses for court staff, the judiciary, and the practicing bar; to continue assessment of the challenges to the right of self representation which the judicial system currently presents; to propose solutions or improvements in response to such challenges to the Nebraska Supreme Court; and to implement the recommendations of the Pro Se Committee which the Nebraska Supreme Court approves.

Nebraska Supreme Court Implementation Committee on Pro Se Litigation Committee Reports

Name, CityCompositionAppointment Date
Hon. Frankie J. Moore, North PlatteCourt of Appeals Judge, Chairperson
Hon. Teresa K. Luther, Grand IslandDistrict Judge, Vice-Chairperson
Janet Bancroft , LincolnPublic Information Officer, AOC
Tracy Hightower-Henne, OmahaAttorney at Law10-16-13
Debora Brownyard, LincolnDirector, Office of Dispute Resolution
Marsha Fangmeyer, KearneyAttorney at Law10-16-13
Hon. Leo Dobrovolny, GeringDistrict Judge10-16-13
Doris J. Huffman, LincolnExecutive Director, Bar Foundation
Marlene Vetick, ColumbusClerk of the District Court10-16-13
Hon. Paul Merritt, Jr., LincolnDistrict Judge10-16-13
Catherine M. Mahern, OmahaCreighton Legal Clinic
Jean K. McNeil, LincolnNSBA Director of Legal Services
James R. Mowbray, LincolnAttorney at Law
Hon. Michael L. Offner, HastingsCounty Judge
Hon. Thomas A. Otepka, OmahaDistrict Judge
Dave Pantos, OmahaExecutive Director, Legal Aid of Nebraska
Hon. Arthur Wetzel, Grand IslandCounty Judge10-16-13
Kevin Ruser, LincolnUNL Legal Clinic
Robert Sanford, LincolnAttorney at Law
Dr. Elizabeth Neeley, LincolnExecutive Director, NSBA10-16-13
Hon. Laureen Van Norman, LincolnWorkers' Compensation Judge
Janice K. Walker, LincolnState Court Administrator
Marie Wiechman, LincolnDeputy Librarian, State Library
Linda L. Willard, LincolnAssistant Attorney General
Hon. Russell Harford, ChadronCounty Judge10-16-13
CathyJo Reiman, BassetClerk Magistrate10-16-13
Ann Borer, OmahaLaw Library10-16-13
Carole McMahon-Boies, LincolnDirector Judicial Branch Education10-16-13
Sheryl Connolly, LincolnDirector Trial Court Services10-16-13


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