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Administrative Office of the Courts

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Physical Address:
Room 1213, State Capitol
1445 K Street
Phone: (402) 471-3730
Fax: (402) 471-2197


Through the direction of the State Court Administrator and the Supreme Court, the Administrative Office of the Courts is responsible for directing and coordinating the administrative operations of the statewide court system and serves as a central resource for the multitude of operational issues which impact the administration of the courts. The State Court Administrator and staff also manage and coordinate liaison activities with the executive and legislative branch officials and agencies.

All programming is planned in accordance with the Nebraska Judicial Branch Strategic Agenda

Janice K. Walker



Janice Walker (bio) was appointed State Court Administrator on May 13, 2005, to oversee the administrative operations of the statewide court system.  The State Court Administrator plans for statewide Judicial Branch needs, develops and promotes statewide administrative practices and procedures, oversees the operation of trial court programs and strategic initiatives, and serves as a liaison with other branches of government.  



Administrative Offices and Divisions include both internal branch services and programs/services for the public:

Internal Branch Services

  • Budget and Fiscal Administration
    • Fiscal agent of the Judicial Branch, housed within the Administrator’s office.
  • Interpreter/Translation
    • Coordinates services for the trial courts and probation to provide qualified interpreters for those unable to communicate in the English language.
  • Judicial Branch Education
    • Provides required educational services for all members of the judicial branch.
  • Personnel Services
    • Responsible for personnel services including payroll and benefit distribution for all employees and judges of the Judicial Branch.
  • Public Information and Communications
    • Manages internal and external communications for the court system.
  • Technology

Programs/Services for the Public

  • Children in the Courts, including: Court Improvement Project, Through the Eyes of the Child, Parenting Plans and education.
    • Resources and program development designed for the protection/care of children who become involved in the court system.
  • Community Outreach and Public Education
    • Special events planning and community outreach programming for citizens of all ages.
  • Dispute Resolution and Mediation
    • Manages and assists the statewide organization of non-profit mediation centers.
  • Jury Service
    • Provides materials and information designed to enhance the understanding of the Petit and Grand Jury systems throughout the state.
  • Problem-Solving Courts
    • Development and coordination of drug and other specialized Problem-Solving courts.
  • Public Guardian
    • Serves as a means of last resort as guardian or conservator where no family member or suitable individual is available.
  • Self-Represented Litigants/Pro Se Resources
    • Provides access to the courts for those unable to afford legal counsel.
  • Attorney Services Division       
    • Provides administrative support to the Counsel for Discipline, MCLE Commission, State Bar Commission, and the Commission on the Unauthorized Practice of Law. 


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