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In re Estate of Morrell

A-13-0568, In re Estate of Johanna M. Morrell

Douglas County, County Court Judge Lawrence E. Barrett

Attorney for Appellant (Lee Lorenz):  Gerald D. Johnson (Johnson & Pekny, L.L.C.)

Attorney for Appellees (Marcella Nau, Frida Brohan and Edmund Roessler, Natural Heirs):  Steven J. Riekes, David P. Wilson (Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C.)

Attorney for Appellees (David Thompson and Kathleen Thompson, Personal Co-Representatives:  Mallory N. Hughes, Stuart Dornan (Dornan, Lustgarten & Troia PC, LLO)

In re Estate of Lorenz

A-13-0528, In the Matter of the Estate of Lorenz

Douglas County, County Judge Sheryl Lohaus

Attorney for Appellant:  Jeffrey A. Silver

Attorneys for Appellee: Richard A. DeWitt, Robert M. Gonderinger, and David J. Skalka (Croker, Huck, Kasher, DeWitt, Anderson & Gonderinger, L.L.C.)

Probate Action:  Summary Judgment; Motion for Special Administrator

Colwell v. Garvey

A-13-0501, Robert F. Colwell, Jr., DDS; Robert F. Colwell, Jr., DDS, PC and Midlands Oral Health, LLC (Appellant) v. Jeffrey T. Garvey, DDS; Jeffrey T. Garvey DDS, PC, and Grobell Inc., a/k/a Grobell, PC

Sarpy County, District Judge William Zastera

Attorney for Appellant:  John P. Passarelli and Paul R. Gwilt (Kutak Rock)

Attorney for Appellee:  William F. Hargens and Noah M. Priluck (McGrath north)

Civil Action:  Dissolution of LLC

In re Trust of Morris

A-13-0313, In the Matter of the Amended and Restated Irrevocable Trust of Beverly J. Morris, deceased. Allen Morris and Cynthia Morris (Appellants) v. Diane Rich, Rosalind Morris and Stephanie Morris

Douglas County, Judge Joseph P. Caniglia

Attorney for Appellants:  James D. Sherrets, Diana J. Vogt, Robert S. Sherrets (Sherrets Bruno & Vogt LLC)

Attorney for Appellee:  Kristopher J. Covi (McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO)

Civil Action:  Action to Vacate Prior Order