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Estate of Elox v. Paul Johnson & Sons Cattle Co.

A-13-0962, Estate of Rufino Cortes Elox, Deceased, by Aleta S. Allen, Personal Representative (Appellant) v. Paul Johnson & Sons Cattle Co., a Nebraska corporation

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge J. Michael Fitzgerald

Attorney for Appellant:  Larry R. Demerath (Demerath Law Office)

Attorney for Appellee:  Daniel M. Placzek, Timothy G. Hruza (Leininger, Smith, Johnson, Baack, Placzek & Allen)

Workers’ Compensation Action:  Original Award

Lyman-Richey Corporation v. Department of Revenue

A-13-0269,  Lyman-Richey Corp. (Appellant) v. Nebr. Dept. of Revenue

Lancaster County, District Court Judge Robert R. Otte

Attorney for Appellant:  Nicholas K. Niemann, Matthew R. Ottemann (McGrath, North, Mullin & Kratz, PC, LLO)

Attorney for Appellee:  L. Jay Bartel (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil Action:  Appeal of Denial of Petition for Redetermination of Taxes

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Else v. Else

A-13-0156, Dennis R. Else (Appellant) v. Cheri J. Else

Saunders County, District Court Judge Mary C. Gilbride

Attorney for Appellant:  John C. Hahn, Brent C. Stephenson (Jeffrey, Hahn, Hemmerling & Zimmerman, P.C., L.L.O.)

Attorney for Appellee:  John H. Sohl

Civil Action:  Dissolution of Marriage

Barth v. Barth

A-13-0709, Christian A. Barth (Cross-Appellant) v. Mindi J. Barth (Appellant)

Lincoln County, District Court Judge Donald E. Rowlands

Attorney for Appellant:  Stephanie Flynn

Attorney for Appellee:  Shane M. Cochran (Snyder, Hilliard & Bishop, LLO)

Civil Action:  Dissolution of marriage

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The district court dissolved the parties’ marriage, awarded custody of their minor child to Christian, and ordered Mindi to pay child support of $305 per month.

Pestal v. Malone

A-13-0182, Mark Steven Pestal and Kimberly Ann Pestal v. John J. Malone, Sr. and Karen Malone (Appellants)

Douglas County, District Court Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf

Attorney for Appellant:  Eric A. Nanfito

Attorney for Appellee:  James B. McVay (Tiedeman, Lynch, Kampfe, McVay & Respeliers) for Appellees Mark and Kimberly Pestal; Patrick M. Flood (Hotz, Weaver, Flood, Breitkrutz & Grant) for Appellees Steven and Elizabeth Gleason.

Civil Action:  Adverse Possession, Prescriptive Easement, Property Rights

State v. Wulf

A-13-0288, State of Nebraska v. Tim R. Wulf (Appellant)

Washington County, District Court Judge Daniel E. Bryan Jr.

Attorney for Appellant:  Steven W. Holland (Holland Law Office, P.C.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Jon Bruning, George R. Love (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  Theft in excess of $1,500

Action Taken by Trial Court:  Wulf was convicted of the above crime.

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