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Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation Calendar

09/02/2014 - 9:00am

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In re Steinhoefel Trust (***)

A-13-0038, In the Matter of the Estate of Louise V. Steinhoefel, Settlor and Pioneer Manor Foundation and Campbell County School District No. 1 (Appellants) v. Vicki Schlautmann, Michael Addison and Renee Wetherelt (Appellees) and David Steffensmeier, Trustee (Appellee/Cross-Appellant)

Cuming County, County Court Judge Richard W. Krepela

Attorney for Appellants:  Mark D. Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald, Vetter & Temple)

Gdowski v. Pothuloori

A-13-0484, Tom Gdowski, Personal Representative of the Estate of Leo Gdowski v. Pratap Pothuloori, M.D., and GGNSC Columbus, LLC (Appellants)

Platte County, District Judge Robert R. Steinke

Attorney for Appellant: Jeanelle R. Lust (Knudesen, Berkheimer, Richardson & Endacott, LLP)

Attorney for Appellee: Shayla M. Reed (Reed Law Office)

Civil Action:  Contract; Arbitration

In re Interest of Gabriella H.

A-13-0900, In re Interest of Gabriella H. a child under 18 years of age. State of Nebraska v. Ricardo R. (Appellant)

Colfax County, County Court Judge Patrick McDermott

Attorney for Appellant:  Jerod L. Troube (Knoepfle & Trouba)

Attorney for Appellee (State):  Leslie Buhl (County Attorney’s Office)

Attorney for Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services:  Lindsy Schwartz

Attorney for Guardian ad Litem:  Jackie Tessendorf

Juvenile Action:  Termination of parental rights

Walsh v. Erickson

A-13-0421, Theresa A. Walsh v. Cynthia J. Erickson, Cyndi, Inc., a Nebraska Corporation, and Cabinet Review Studio by Cyndi, Inc., a Nebraska Corporation (Appellant)

Dakota County, District Court Judge Paul J. Vaughan

Attorney for Appellant/Cross Appellee:  John C. Gray, Joel D. Vos (Heidman Law Firm, L.L.P.)

Attorney for Appellee/Cross Appellant:  Richard J. Thramer (Law office of Richard J. Thramer)

Civil Action:  Dissolution of corporation and imposition of a constructive trust

State v. Hernandez

A-13-0687, State of Nebraska v. Juan Antonio Hernandez (Appellant)

Dakota County, District Court Judge Paul J. Vaughan

Attorney for Appellant:  Stuart B. Mills

Attorney for Appellee:  Jon Bruning, Melissa R. Vincent (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  Postconviction

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The district court denied the appellant’s motion for postconviction relief because he did not establish that he had received ineffective assistance of counsel during the plea negotiation process.

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McKeag v. McKeag

A-13-0580, Lisa McKeag (Cross-Appellant) v. Mark McKeag (Appellant)

Keith County, District Judge Donald E. Rowlands

Attorney for Appellant:  Felicia K. Fair (Fair Law Office)

Attorney for Appellee/Cross-Appellant: Jeffrey S. Armour  (Armour Law)

Civil Action:  Dissolution with Child Custody

Action Taken by Trial Court: The trial court dissolved the marriage and awarded custody of the four minor children to Lisa, set parenting time, and determined child support. 

Malchow v. Freeborn

A-13-0235, Ray D. Malchow v. Wendy J. Armbruster, f/k/a Wendy Freeborn (Appellant)

Gage County, District Court Judge Paul Korslund

Attorney for Appellant:  Lyle J. Koenig (Koenig Law Firm)

Attorney for Appellee:  Chris A. Johnson (Conway, Pauley & Johnson, P.C.)

Civil Action:  Visitation and Custody Modification

Schrag v. Spear

A-13-0258, Ember M. Schrag (Appellant) v. Andrew S. Spear

District Court for Lancaster County, District Judge Steven D. Burns

Attorneys for Appellant:  Stephanie R. Hupp, Sheri A. Burkholder, &Zachary L. Blackman (McHenry Haszard Law Firm)

Attorneys for Appellee:  Amie C. Martinez & Hal W. Anderson (Anderson Creager Law Firm)

Civil Action:  Modification of paternity decree