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McIver v. McIver

A-13-0052, Amy McIver (Cross-Appellant) v. Kevin McIver (Appellant)

District Court for Douglas County, District Judge Leigh A. Retelsdorf

Attorney for Appellant:  Jerrad R. Ahrens (Cordell Law Firm)

Attorney for Appellee/Cross-Appellant:  Virginia A. Albers (Lieben Whitted Law Firm)

Civil Action:  Dissolution of marriage

In re Interest of Keisha G.

A-12-1203, In re Interest of Keisha G.:  State of Nebraska v. Michael G. (Appellant)

Hall County, County Judge Arthur S. Wetzel

Attorney for Appellant:  Jerry Fogarty

Attorney for Appellee:  Tanya J. Hansen (Leininger, Smith, Johnson, Baack, Placzek & Allen) 

Juvenile Action:  Termination of Parental Rights

Belitz v. Belitz

A-12-0461, Kathleen Belitz n/k/a Kathleen Monaco v. John F. Belitz, Jr. (Appellant)

District Court for Douglas County, District Judge James T. Gleason

Attorney for Appellant:  Joan Watke Stacy

Attorney for Appellee:  Joni Visek

Civil Action:  Modification of custody, removal from Nebraska

Action taken by the Trial Court:  The trial court found a material change in circumstances such that the mother should have custody of the minor child and granted her permission to remove the child to Illinois.


Vesper v. Francis

A-12-1168, Bruce Vesper (Appellant) v. Dawn Francis

Saunders County, District Court Judge Mary C. Gilbride

Attorney for Appellant:  Shane J. Placek (Sidner, Svodoba, Schilke, Thomsen, Holtorf, Boggy Nick & Placek)

Attorney for Appellee:  Christine A. Stolarskyj (Legal Aid of Nebraska)

Civil Action:  Paternity and Child Custody

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The trial court found Vesper to be the father of the minor child and awarded Francis full legal and physical custody, subject to Vesper’s reasonable right of visitation.

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State v. Mata

A-12-0548, State v. Victor Mata (Appellant)

Scotts Bluff County District Court, Judge Leo Dobrovolny

Attorney for Appellant: Dave Eubanks

Attorney for Appellee: Jon Bruning, George R. Love (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action: First degree assault; Use of a weapon to commit a felony

Action taken by the trial court: Mata was found guilty by jury verdict of first degree assault and use of a weapon to commit a felony. He was sentenced to 36-60 months in prison on each count, to be served consecutively.

Chantler v. Chantler

A-12-0707, Gary R. Chantler v. Sue E. Chantler (Appellant)

Lancaster County, District Court Judge Paul D. Merritt, Jr.

Attorney for Appellant:  Terrance A. Poppe, Benjamin D. Kramer (Morrow, Poppe, Watermeier & Lonowski, P.C.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Jane F. Langan, Sheila A. Bentzen (Rembolt Kudtke LLP)

Civil Action:  modification of decree, child support, and parenting plan

In re Estate of Sheen

A-12-0611, In re Estate of Sheen.   J.H. Schroeder, Denzel Snow, and Leroy Herder (Appellants) v. Janene M. Feikert and Allen W. Sheen (Appellees)

County Court for Buffalo County,  Judge Graten D. Beavers

Attorneys for Appellants: Brian E. Jorde and Brandon B. Hanson, of Domina Law Group

Attorneys for Appellees: Kent A. Schroeder and Luke M. Simpson, of Ross, Schroeder & George

Civil Action: Trust administration proceeding.