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Rule 7-6. Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Individuals

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   A. Counsel for Indigent: All members of the bar residing within the Seventh Judicial District who are authorized to actively practice law by the Nebraska State Bar Association shall accept appointments to represent indigent defendants in juvenile, civil contempt, or criminal cases whenever ordered to do so.

   B. Fees: Before the claim of any attorney appointed by the court is allowed, such attorney shall make a written motion for fees, positively verified, stating time and expenses in the case. Counsel shall also state in the motion that counsel has not received, and has no contract for the payment of, any compensation by such defendant or anyone in the defendant's behalf, or if counsel has received any fee or has a contract for the payment of same, to disclose the same fully so that the proper credit may be taken on counsel's motion.

Adopted effective September 22, 1995.

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