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3. Pretrial Conferences

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   Pretrial conferences will be on order of the court, consistent with Neb. Ct. R. of Dist. Ct. Pretrial Proc., and shall specify the date, hour, and location requirement placed upon counsel, the manner in which the conference will be held, and any other matters the court deems appropriate. It is strongly encouraged that any and all stipulations should be entered into at the time of the pretrial. If stipulations are to be made, all counsel and parties should be present for same.
   At the time of the pretrial conference, all counsel shall have spoken with their respective client and each other and shall be prepared to inform the court:
   a. Whether the matter will be contested;
   b. If contested, the estimate of time necessary to adjudicate;
   c. Whether in-chambers testimony will be requested and any other objections thereto;
   d. Whether any matters may be stipulated;
   e. Whether an interpreter of any nature will be required;
   f. Whether audiovisual equipment of any nature is required; and
   g. Whether there are any special health needs of counsel, parties, or witnesses requiring accommodation.
   All counsel shall timely supplement the above with respect to information obtained following the pretrial conference and occurring prior to adjudication.
Adopted January 22, 2000.

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