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JBE – Judicial Branch Education

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Providing quality training and education to employees of the Judicial Branch is an essential administrative function. Justice is administered every time an employee of the judicial system comes into contact with a member of the public. From the clerk of the court in the smallest county right up to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the public’s perception of our system is directly linked to the human interactions experienced by our citizens.  More information about JBE activities and programs can be found in our annual reports.

Employees of the Judicial Branch can access JBE information (online education and registration for meetings) through the Court or Probation Intranets. Contact your supervisor for a login ID if you don’t already have one. If you are a supervisor, contact janet.bancroft@nebraska.gov     


Jury Management Education

Citizens serving in a volunteer bailiff capacity within the Nebraska courts and with potential jury contact are asked to watch a training video and complete a handout.   Court employees needing to obtain jury management education are to contact JBE and will be directed to the education in the required format. 




Nebraska Judicial Branch Education
State Capitol Building, 3rd Floor
Supreme Court Law Library
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509
Phone: 402.471.0275 or 402.471.0005; MCLE Help Desk: 402.471.3137
Fax: 402.471.0728
Carole McMahon-Boies, Director






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