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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

State v. McGuire (20)

S-12-0279, State v. Shawn A. McGuire (Appellant)


Douglas County, Judge J. Russell Derr


Attorneys: Sarah M. Mooney (Appellant) --- Stacy M. Foust (Attorney General’s Office)


Criminal: Second degree murder; use of a deadly weapon; conspiracy to deliver and possess a controlled substance.


State v. Watt (20)

S-12-0177 State v. Kevin J. Watt (Appellant)


Douglas County, Judge Gary B. Randall


Attorneys: Stuart J. Dornan, Jason E. Troia (Dornan Lustgarten & Troia PCLLO) (Appellant) --- Erin E. Tangeman (Attorney General’s Office)


Criminal: First degree murder; first degree assault, 2 counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.


State v. Jacob

S-11-0439, State v. Steven M. Jacob (Appellant)


Lancaster County District Court, Judge Jeffre Cheuvront


Attorneys: Pro Se Appellant --- James D. Smith (Attorney General’s Office)


Civil: Postconviction; life sentence


Proceedings below: The district court denied Appellant’s motion for postconviction relief without an evidentiary hearing.


State v. McClain (20)

S-12-0256, State v. Dontavis C. McClain (Appellant)


Douglas County, Judge W. Mark Ashford


Attorneys: Sean M. Conway (Dornan Lustgarten & Troia PCLLO) (Appellant) --- Erin E. Tangeman (Attorney General’s Office)


Criminal: Count I: First Degree Murder; Count II: Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony and Count III: Conspiracy


State v. Brooks

S-12-0624, State v. Corey A. Brooks (Appellant)


Douglas County, Judge Joseph S. Troia


Attorneys: Justin Quinn (Appellant) --- Kimberly A. Klein (Attorney General’s Office)


Criminal: Motion for absolute discharge; first degree murder


Proceedings below: The trial court overruled Appellant’s motion for discharge finding that the continuance granted in the unconsolidated companion case sufficed to continue the murder case as well as it applied “to all charges.” (T21).


Estate of Teague v. Crossroads Cooperative Association

S-12-0702, Estate of Joseph James Teague, Deceased, by and through his Personal Representative, Joani M. Martinosky (Appellant) v Crossroads Cooperative Association, a Nebraska Corporation


Cheyenne County, Judge Derek C. Weimer


Attorneys: R. Kevin O’Donnell, Michael D. Samuelson (McGinley O’Donnell Reynolds & Korth PCLLO) (Appellant) --- Steven W. Olsen, John F. Simmons (Simmons Olsen Law Firm PC)


Civil: Tort action for wrongful death.


Old Home Enterprise v. Fleming

A-12-0484, Old Home Enterprises v. Ian Fleming, Travis Becker, Jason Vleck, Justin Valentine and David Moore (Appellants)


Douglas County, District Court Judge James T. Gleason


Attorney for Appellants:  Angela M. Minahan (Beinsch, Slattery, Bear & Minahan, P.C., L.L.O.)


Attorney for Appellee:  Lawrence G. Whelan (Whelan Law Office)


Civil Action:  Garnishee Liability Proceedings


Moore v. Cromwell-Moore

A-12-0110, Keith James Moore (Cross-Appellant) v. Jane L. Cromwell-Moore (Appellant)


District Court for Colfax County, District Judge Mary Gilbride


Attorney for Appellant:  Richard B. Register (Register Law Firm)


Attorney for Appellee/Cross-Appellant:  Erik C. Klutman (Sipple Hansen Law Firm)


Civil Action:  Contempt


Cervantes v. Omaha Steel Castings Co.

A-12-0210, Raphael Cervantes (Appellant) v. Omaha Steel Castings Co.


Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Thomas E. Stine


Attorney for Appellant:  Timothy S. Dowd (Dowd, Howard & Corrigan, L.L.C.)


Attorney for Appellee:  Allen J. Potts (Sodoro, Daly & Sodoro)


Civil Action:  Rejection of a Stipulation


State v. Llerenas-Alvarado

A-12-0131, State of Nebraska v. Jose J. Llerenas-Alvarado (Appellant)


Madison County, District Court Judge James G. Kube


Attorney for Appellant:   Charles W. Balsiger


Attorney for Appellee:   Jon Bruning, Carrie A. Thober (Attorney General’s Office)


Criminal Action:  Motion to Withdraw Plea


Action Taken by Trial Court:  Llerenas-Alvarado entered a no contest plea to the charge of attempted kidnapping. Prior to sentencing, he moved to withdraw his plea, and this motion was denied.