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Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation Calendar

09/02/2014 - 9:00am

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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Wulf v. Kunnath

Susan A. Wulf (Appellant) v. Sharad Kunnah, M.D. (Appellee)


Douglas County, Honorable Russell Derr


Attorneys:  Terrance Salerno (Appellant) – Christopher Tjaden (Gross & Welch)


Civil:  Battery


Proceedings below:  Denial of Motion for Summary Judgment, Denial of Motion for Directed Verdict, Jury Verdict for Defendant.


Watkins v. Watkins

Tonda Sue Watkins v. Matt Daniel Watkins (Appellant)


Otoe County, Judge Randall Rehmeier


Attorneys: Julie E. Bear (for Appellant) --- Mindy Rush Chipman (Guardian ad Litem for minor children) --- no brief filed by Tonda Sue Watkins


Civil: Modification of decree


Proceedings below: The lower court denied Appellant’s request for modification of parenting time.


Vankirk v. Central Community College

Elaine VanKirk (Appellant) v. Central Community College et al.


Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court


Attorneys:  Rolf Edward Shasteen (Shasteen & Scholz PCLLO, Appellant) --- Brenda S. Spilker, Christopher M. Reid (Baylor Evnen Curtiss Grimit & Witt LLP)

Civil:  Waiting time penalty and attorney fees


Proceedings below:  The trial court denied Appellant’s motion for a penalty and waiting fee.


Zwiener v. Becton Dickinson-East

Pat Zwiener (Appellee/Cross-Appellant) v. Becton Dickinson-East (Appellant)


Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Thomas E. Stine


Attorneys: Abigail Wenninghoff (Larson Kuper & Wenninghoff PCLLO) (Appellant) --- Ryan C. Holsten (Atwood Holsten Brown & Deaver PCLLO)


Civil:  Determination of benefits for injured worker


In re Interest of Rylee S.

In re Interest of Rylee S.


Separate Juvenile Court for Lancaster County, Judge Toni Thorson


Attorneys:  Lea Wroblewski (Legal Aid for Appellant Lisa S.) --- Sarah E. Sujith (Special Asst. Atty. General for NDHHS)


Civil: Adjudication order requiring mother’s release of information to NDHHS


Mid America Agri Products/Horizon, LLC v. Rowlands

Mid America Agri Products/Horizon, LLC, Mid America Agri Products/Wheatland, LLC, Mid America Bio Energy & Commodities, LLC, Standard Ethanol, LLC, Robert Lundeen, Prestin Read and Don Wiseman (Relators) v. The Honorable Donald E. Rowlands, Judge, 11th Judicial District (Respondent) and Lansing Trade Group, LLC (Intervenor)


Lincoln County, Special Master, Honorable Patricia A. Lamberty


Holdsworth v. Greenwood Farmers Cooperative

Bruce Holdsworth v. Greenwood Farmers Cooperative and Cooperative mutual Insurance Company, Inc. (Appellants)


Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Tom Stine


Attorneys: Charles L. Kuper (Larson Kuper & Wenninghoff PC LLO) (Appellant) --- Rolf Edward Shasteen (Shasteen Miner Scholz & Morris PCLLO)


Civil: Penalty provisions of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-125; Release of Liability pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-139(3).


Fisher v. Payflex System USA, Inc.

Duane E. Fisher and Jason R. Norton v. Payflex Systems USA, Inc. (Appellant)


Consolidated Appeals


Douglas County, Honorable Kimberly M. Pankonin


Attorneys:  A. Stevenson Bogue and Ruth A. Horvatich (McGrath North) for appellant; Richard A. Drews (Taylor, Peters & Drews) for appellees


Civil:  Action for recovery under Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act


Churchill v. Columbus Community Hospital, Inc.

Jeanette Churchill (Appellant) v. Columbus Community Hospital, Inc., Columbus Community Hospital, d/b/a Premier Physical Therapy, and Premier Physical Therapy of Columbus Community Hospital


Platte County District Court--Judge Robert R. Steinke


Attorneys:   Jon J. Puk, Kelli Anne Francis, Walentine, O’Toole, McQuillan & Gordon, LLP (Appellant) Mark E. Novotny, John M. Walker, Sarah F. Macdissi, Lamson, Dugan and Murray, LLP


Robertson v. Jacobs Cattle Company

James E. Robertson, Patricia Robertson, Duane L. Jacobs and Carolyn Sue Jacobs (Appellants) v. Jacobs Cattle Co., Dennis D. Jacobs, Ardith Jacobs, Trustee of the Leonard Jacobs Family Trust and Ardith Jacobs, Trustee of the Ardith Jacobs Living Revocable Trust.


Valley County, Judge Karin Noakes


Attorneys:   Patrick Nelson (Appellants) – David Domina and Gregory Jensen


Civil:  Partnership


Proceedings below:  Dissociation and buy-out order