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§ 3-401.12. Reinstatement for inactive or suspended attorneys.

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   (A) Attorneys on inactive status as defined by § 3-401.2(F) as of December 31 of any year who apply for reinstatement to active status during the subsequent calendar year shall be required to complete ten (10) hours of approved CLE in the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the application as a condition of reinstatement. Such hours of credit required shall include two (2) hours of professional responsibility education as defined by § 3-401.2(J) and shall be subject to the limitations based on class type as defined by § 3-401.8. Only those credits earned in the calendar year of reinstatement exceeding the ten (10) hours of credit required for reinstatement shall be counted toward the credit requirement for the year of reinstatement to active status.

   (B) Attorneys suspended from the practice of law, prior to reinstatement to the practice of law in Nebraska, shall submit to the Nebraska Supreme Court a written request for reinstatement, together with a written statement from the Director which evidences the payment of any penalties as established by the these rules and the making up of any deficiency in the CLE requirements incurred prior to suspension or, if applicable, during the suspension.

§ 3-401.12(A) amended April 21, 2011; § 3-401.12(A) and (B) amended December 12, 2012; § 3-401.12(C) deleted December 12, 2012.

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