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04/25/2014 (All day)

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§ 6-1301. Compliance with Standardized Model for Delivery of Substance Abuse Services required.

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   Substance abuse evaluations and treatment referrals for adult felony drug offenders ordered by the courts of the State of Nebraska, or by judges presiding over non-probation-based programs or services such as a drug court or other similar specialized programs as defined herein, shall comply with the minimum standards established by the Standardized Model for Delivery of Substance Abuse Services as promulgated by the Nebraska Supreme Court Office of Probation Administration, set forth in Appendix A of this rule, if all or any portion of the cost for such evaluation or treatment referral is reimbursed by funds provided pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 29-2262.07 or state funds appropriated to the Community Corrections Council for substance abuse treatment which is made available by the Council to Probation Administration. Nothing in this rule shall preclude an offender from obtaining, at his or her own expense, additional substance abuse evaluations or treatment referrals which may or may not comply with the minimum standards referred to herein.

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