Attorney Services Division

Attorney Services Division

The Attorney Services Division oversees attorney licensure at the direction of the Nebraska Supreme Court.  This would encompass application for admission to the Bar, annual license registration, Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) and other educational requirements for attorneys, as well as the Office of Counsel for Discipline and the Commission on Unauthorized Practice of Law

MCLE Website


Admission to the practice of law is governed by Chapter 3, Article 1 of the Nebraska Supreme Court Rules.  The Nebraska State Bar Commission is tasked with reviewing all applications for admission. The online application for admission to the practice of law in Nebraska may be accessed from the Supreme Court website here.

Questions relating to Admissions:, or call 402-471-2834

Annual Licensure

Attorney license renewals are completed online by accessing this link on the Nebraska Supreme Court's website here. Attorneys are required to update their information, trust account, and malpractice insurance reporting as part of the annual licensure or as needed.  Attorneys may also print a license card.

Questions relating to Licensing:, or call 402-471-2834

In-House Counsel Requirements

Nebraska requires registration of in-house counsel for those individuals working for a Nebraska business. Those attorneys who are licensed in Nebraska will not require an in-house counsel registration.  The rules can be found at:

Questions relating to In-House:, or call 402-471-2834

To register and to renew registration as in-house counsel, go to and request user credentials by accessing the link on the lower left.

Counsel for Discipline

The conduct of Nebraska lawyers must comply with the standards outlined in the Rules of Professional Conduct as adopted by the Supreme Court.  The Nebraska Supreme Court has assigned the office of the Counsel for Discipline to investigate and prosecute violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct.  If you wish to make a complaint click here.

Questions relating to Counsel for Discipline: call 402-471-1040

Guardian ad Litem Education

The Nebraska Supreme Court requires specific training prior to being appointed as a Guardian ad Litem according to Neb. Ct. R. § 6-1468.  

Information regarding the Guardian Ad Litem Court Appointment process can be found here

Training can be obtained by signing up through your Attorney Services Portal by clicking Apply for Class here

  •  Juvenile GAL must complete the initial 6 hour training to become certified and complete 3 annual Juvenile GAL specific hours annually to maintain the certification.
  •  Probate GAL must complete the initial 6 hour training to become certified and complete 1 annual Probate GAL   specific hour annually to maintain the certification.

Questions relating to GAL education requirements: email, or call 531-510-3641

MCLE Commission

The Nebraska Supreme Court Rules, Chapter 3, article 4 establishes minimum requirements for such continuing legal education (CLE) and the means by which the requirements shall be enforced.

Additional information regarding Mandatory Continuing Legal Education can be found here.

Questions relating to MCLE:, or call 531-510-3641

Statewide Roster of Attorneys and Map

 - Contact information for attorneys licensed to practice law within the State of Nebraska 

 - Map of attorney distribution across the state  

Unauthorized Practice of Law

The “practice of law” is the application of legal principles and judgments to specific circumstances to resolve a problem or decide how to proceed under the law.  Practicing law requires special skill and knowledge.  The unauthorized practice of law is prohibited by Nebraska Court rules, Chapter 3, Article 10 and can be reported to the Unauthorized Practice of Law Commission here.

Questions relating to unauthorized practice of law: call 402-471-1040