Carroll v. Gould

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Carroll v. Gould

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9:50 am


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December 2, 2020
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9:00 AM
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District Court
Case Summary

S-20-0264 Arleene E. Carroll v. Gabriel W. Gould (Appellee) v. James Gould (Appellant/Intervenor)  

Sarpy County District Court, Hon. George A. Thompson

Attorneys: Kory L. Quandt (Anderson, Bressman, Hoffman & Jacobs, P.C. L.L.O., for Appellant/Intervenor) --- Alan D. Martin (Law Office of Alan D. Martin, for Appellee)

Civil: Motion to intervene; Child custody; In loco parentis

Proceedings Below: The district court granted temporary physical custody of a minor child to the biological father, subject to the mother’s reasonable parenting time. The court denied a complaint to intervene filed pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 25-328 (Reissue 2016) by the paternal grandfather, which asserted that the grandfather stood in loco parentis to the child.

Issue on Appeal: Whether the court was required to accept the complaint allegations as true when it denied intervention based on court files, pleadings, and affidavits.

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