Celebrating Success: Southeast Nebraska Adult Drug Court Graduation

Celebrating Success: Southeast Nebraska Adult Drug Court Graduation

Thursday, May 18, 2023

On May 15, 2023, Southeast Nebraska Adult Drug Court held a graduation ceremony at the Saline County Courthouse in Wilber, commemorating the remarkable achievements of Viola Kennedy. Presided over by Judge David Bargen, the event was attended by distinguished guests including Judge Rick Schreiner and retired Drug Court Judge Vicky Johnson. This momentous occasion signifies a significant milestone in Kennedy’s life, and the court wholeheartedly celebrated her success.

The graduation ceremony represents the culmination of an intensive program that combines comprehensive drug treatment, close supervision, and full accountability for Drug Court graduates. The Adult Drug Court is a minimum 20-month program that equips participants with the necessary skills to lead successful lives free from drugs and alcohol.

Adult Drug Courts provide an alternative route through the criminal justice system for nonviolent offenders with drug-related charges. Utilizing a specialized team approach within the existing court structure, these courts are specifically designed to reduce recidivism rates and address substance use disorders among individuals. Furthermore, they aim to safeguard public safety and enhance the likelihood of successful rehabilitation by employing validated risk and need assessments, personalized behavioral health treatment, frequent and random chemical testing, incentives, sanctions, as well as other rehabilitative and supplementary services.

This celebration not only recognizes Kennedy’s personal triumph but also underscores the broader significance of May being National Problem-Solving Court Month. It serves as a testament to the effectiveness of problem-solving courts in transforming lives, fostering recovery, and promoting community well-being.

The Southeast Nebraska Adult Drug Court graduation ceremony stands as a powerful testament to the dedication and resilience of individuals who have strived to overcome substance use disorders. Through the unwavering commitment and guidance provided by the Drug Court team, they have charted a new path toward a brighter future. As the court celebrated Kennedy’s success, the problem-solving court team extended their heartfelt congratulations to all the Drug Court graduates who have embraced change, embraced hope, and are now empowered to lead fulfilling and drug-free lives.

For additional information, please contact:

Chris Reece, Drug Court Coordinator
Phone: 402-821-711411              Email: christina.reece@nebraska.gov