Chief Justice’s Leadership Conference Hosts Follow-up Discussion on Implementation Science

Chief Justice’s Leadership Conference Hosts Follow-up Discussion on Implementation Science

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Robin Jenkins, Ph.D., expert in the science of program/project implementation, served as keynote speaker for the annual 2023 Chief Justice's Leadership Conference. The Conference, comprising leaders of the Judicial Branch, gathered to give an update on the great work the commissions and committees are doing to support the justice system and discuss the how the key principles of implementation science can impact their work. The valuable insights and teachings imparted during the previous year's Conference had empowered these leaders to better promote the mission of each of the Supreme Court's committees and commissions.

Jenkins, who had previously attended the 2022 Conference as a keynote speaker, returned this year to expand on the methods for instituting and measuring change within the Judicial Branch. During his address, Jenkins emphasized the significance of thorough planning, stakeholder engagement, and evidence-based practices in the successful execution of initiatives within the Judicial Branch. He underscored the need for clear communication channels, effective resource allocation, and continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.

The 2023​ Committee/Commission Reports were presented by their respective chairs.  Reports for the committees below can be found on the Intranet:

  • Access to Justice Commission, Justice Stephanie Stacy
    • Civil Justice Reform Work Group, Justice Jonathan Papik
    • Committee on Equity and Fairness, Judge Stefanie Martinez
    • Consortium of Tribal, State, and Federal Courts, Judge Andrea Miller
    • Self-Represented Litigation Committee, Judge Frankie Moore
  • Commission on Children in the Courts, Judge Francie Riedmann and Judge Roger Heideman
  • Commission on Guardianships and Conservatorships, Judge Francie Riedmann and Judge Holly Parsley 
  • Dispute Resolution Advisory Council, Judge Mike Pirtle 
  • Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee, Judge Riko Bishop 
  • Probation Services Committee, Judge Jodi Nelson 
  • Committee on Problem-Solving Courts, Judge James E. Doyle, IV
  • Bench Media Committee of the PEOPLE Committee, Justice Jeffrey Funke
  • Statewide Court Security Clearinghouse Committee, Justice John Freudenberg 
  • Technology Committee, Justice William Cassel 
  • Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Daniel R. Fridrich