Child Welfare Forms

Child Welfare Forms

Youth and Families

Young Child Court Form (ages 6-10)

Children in the child welfare system typically want to talk to their judge and let him or her know what is going on in their life. Attending court hearings is a great way for the child to be involved and express his or her opinions. If that is not possible, the Young Child Court Form is a great alternative. The Young Child Court Form is intended for children around the developmental ages of 6 to 10. We encourage that a trusted person known to the child assist him or her in filling out the form. The form can be given to a party to submit or can be sent directly to the court. The form can be downloaded here.


Youth Court Form (ages 11 and up)

Updated in 2014 with the input of judges and youth councils, this older youth questionnaire was designed as a way for young people to inform the judge of what is going on in their lives and to make requests about the case. Completing the form is voluntary, and all parties to the case have the opportunity to review the form.  TTEOC has worked with Project Everlast for several years in its design and implementation.

Click here to get the form. 


Caregiver Information Form

This form is one way for foster parents make their voice heard by the judge.  Each year, the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative sends a letter to every foster parent and caregiver letting them know of the form and how to submit it to the court. Click here to get the form. 


Court Professionals and Stakeholders

Court Order Forms for Abuse/Neglect (3a) Cases

Standardized court order forms were developed in 2007 to assist judges in adhering to the requirements of Title IV-E. Click here to view court order forms.


Sample Order Bridge to Independence Permanency Review hearings

For young adults in the Bridge to Independence program, Courts need to hold Permanency Hearing Reviews every 12 months where reasonable efforts towards their goal are found in order to continue to draw down IV-E funding. A sample order created by Nebraska Appleseed for these hearings can be found here.