Crossman & Hosford v. Moderow

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Crossman & Hosford v. Moderow

Case Number
Court Number
Call Date
March 14, 2018
Case Time
9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-16-1115, Crossman & Hosford v. Jeanne Moderow (appellant)

Douglas County, District Judge Shelly R. Stratman

Attorney for Appellant:  Benjamin M. Belmont & Wm. Oliver Jenkins (Brodkey, Peebles, Belmont & Line, L.L.P.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Donald C. Hosford, Jr.

Civil Action: Account stated 

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The district court affirmed the county court order granting summary judgment in favor of Crossman & Hosford.

Assignments of Error on Appeal:  On appeal, Moderow assigns that the district court erred in (1) finding no genuine issues of material fact in the claim of an account stated, (2) finding no genuine issues of material fact with the reasonableness of attorney fees charged, and (3) finding no genuine issue of material fact with regards to the affirmative defense of the claim barred by statute of limitations.

Case Location
Court Type
District Court
Schedule Code
Panel Text
Riedmann and Bishop, Judges, and Inbody, Judge, Retired