Dixon v. Dixon

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Dixon v. Dixon

Case Number
Court Number
Call Date
May 11, 2022
Case Time
9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-21-0492, William J. Dixon (Appellant) v. Carrie S. Dixon (Appellee/Cross-Appellant)

Sarpy County District Court, Judge Kimberly Miller Pankonin

Attorney for Appellant: Matt Catlett (Law Office of Matt Catlett)

Attorney for Appellee/Cross-Appellant: Patrick Campagna (Campagna Law, PC, LLO)

Civil Action: Modification of Dissolution Decree, Parental Alienation

Action Taken by Trial Court: Following a trial, the district court entered an order of modification which awarded Carrie legal and physical custody, subject to William’s parenting time as set forth in the original decree. The district court further found that Carrie had failed to prove parental alienation. The district court ordered William to pay the fees of the children’s attorney and the guardian ad litem’s attorney, and William and Carrie to split the cost of the guardian ad litem’s fee. The district court did not disturb a prior order that William pay Carrie temporary attorney fees, but the court did not award either party additional attorney fees. 

Assignments of Error on Appeal: William appeals, assigning that the district court erred in disqualifying William’s former attorney; failing to award him the sole legal and physical custody of the children and in denying his request to move the children to California; appointing a guardian ad litem and an attorney for the guardian ad litem;  ordering William to pay any of the fees for the guardian ad litem, the guardian ad litem’s attorney fees, and the children’s attorney fees; not reducing his child support obligation upon permitting the oldest child to live with him and not ordering Carrie to reimburse William for his overpayment; and awarding Carrie temporary attorney fees and not awarding him all of his attorney fees.

Assignments of Error on Cross-Appeal: Carrie cross-appeals, assigning that the district court erred in failing to award her attorney fees and in not allowing the testimony of a specific evaluator at trial.

Case Location
Court Type
District Court
Schedule Code
Panel Text
Moore, Riedmann, Arterburn, Judges