Dreesen Enterprises, Inc. v. Dreesen

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Dreesen Enterprises, Inc. v. Dreesen

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Case Number
Call Date
January 8, 2021
Case Time
9:00 AM
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Court Type
District Court
Case Summary

S-20-0353 Dreesen Enterprises, Inc. v. Rose Dreesen v. Daniel Dreesen (Appellant)

Lancaster County District Court, Judge Darla S. Ideus

Attorneys:  David V. Chipman (Monzon, Guerra & Associates, for Appellant) – Christopher S. Bartling (Bartling & Hinkle, PC, for Appellee)

Civil:  Restitution of the premises; Quiet title; Partition; Promissory estoppel; Unjust enrichment

Proceedings Below:  After taking the matter under advisement following trial, the court ordered that 1) the title to the property at issue was quieted in Dreesen Enterprises, Inc., and Appellant was enjoined from asserting any claim of interest in the real estate; 2) judgment was entered in favor of Dreesen Enterprises, Inc. and against Appellant for restitution of the premises, and the court authorized a writ of restitution to be issues; 3) judgment was entered against Appellee and in favor of the Appellant in the amount of $50,000 along with interest at the legal rate, and the court dismissed all other claims for relief by the pleadings with prejudice.

Issues:  The Appellant assigns that the district court erred in 1) quieting title to the company; 2) in finding that there was an oral lease agreement; 3) in failing to partition the residence; and 4) in finding that the Appellant had failed to meet her burden for the imposition of a constructive trust over the residence.

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