Rule 8. Service of Notices, Briefs, Pleadings, and Motions.

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Rule 8. Service of Notices, Briefs, Pleadings, and Motions.

   8.1. Notices of Hearings:

   a. Each notice of hearing shall advise all counsel, self-represented litigants, and the Office of the Court Administrator for scheduling in JUSTICE, of the date, time, courtroom, or location at which the hearing will be held.

   b. Service of notice of hearing will be by electronic filing pursuant to Nebraska Supreme Court Rules. Attorneys shall not attach a separate certificate of service or certification document as the automated Certificate of Service issued by the Nebraska Electronic Filing System complies with Nebraska Supreme Court Rules and other applicable statutes.

   8.2. Service of notices, briefs, pleadings, and motions upon opposing counsel and self-represented litigants shall be made within the time that allows for response or preparation, or as governed by the applicable Nebraska Supreme Court Rules or statutes, or in accordance with such timeline as the Court may direct.

   8.3. Briefs, memoranda of law, and written arguments shall not be electronically filed unless specifically directed by the Court, shall be served upon the parties of record, and shall be served within the timeframe directed by the Court.

   8.4.  Each brief, memorandum of law, and written argument, except those directed by the Court to be electronically filed, shall contain a certificate of service certifying the manner and date on which service was made upon all counsel and self-represented litigants of record.

   8.5. The use of email for service of briefs, memorandum, and written argument shall constitute sufficient compliance with this rule, except as may otherwise be required by statute, Nebraska Supreme Court Rule, or as ordered by the Court.

Rule 8.1.a. amended August 5, 2016.