Rule III. Format and Service

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Rule III. Format and Service

   A. All pleadings, motions, and proposed orders filed shall comply with Nebraska Supreme Court rule (Neb. Ct. R. App. P. § 2-103) as to page size, text, fonts, and hyperlinking and bookmarks.

   B. All pleadings shall contain the caption of the case.

   C. The margin at the top of the first page of any pleading or other document filed shall be at least 1½ inches. This area is reserved for court use to permit affixing a barcode or exhibit identification markings and for other official uses. No image, printing, or marking of any nature may appear within the top margin except as made or authorized by the court or the Clerk.

   D. Any party making a filing shall serve the same upon all counsel of record or parties of record if not represented by counsel in a manner allowed by rule or law. Any pleading or document filed subsequent to the petition shall contain a certificate that service was made upon counsel or parties pursuant to this rule.

Rule III(E) amendments approved November 15, 2017; Rule III amended May 17, 2023.