Rule IX. Trial Terms

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Rule IX. Trial Terms

   A. Any case which is to be tried to the court may be assigned by the court to a trial term. A trial term is a period of time determined by each judge during which more than one case will be scheduled for trial. By order of the judge to whom the case is assigned, other requirements governing the progression of the case may be imposed. Cases assigned to a trial term for trial shall proceed as follows:

   (1) All counsel and persons having cases set for trial during a trial term shall be ready for trial whenever called during the next and all subsequent trial terms.

   (2) The court’s bailiff will maintain a current list of cases set for trial during the judge’s trial terms. Cases set for trial during a trial term will be called up for trial in the order as set forth by the court.

Rule IX(A)(2) amended May 17, 2023.