Rule V. Files and Exhibits

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Rule V. Files and Exhibits

   A. No person except the judge or the Clerk shall take from the courthouse or out of the office or possession of the Clerk, any records, papers, or files of the court pertaining to the causes therein, except by permission of the judge or the Clerk. Any legal file so removed shall be returned to the Clerk within 5 days unless requested sooner by the Clerk, and at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of any trial or hearing in conjunction with said case.

   B. All documents, including but not limited to, predisposition reports, case plans, and progress reports shall be delivered to all counsel and pro se parties in the court at least 3 judicial days prior to the hearing in which the documents are to be offered. The party offering said exhibit shall have the exhibit numbered by page and then separately marked by the court reporting personnel prior to the scheduled time of the hearing. Exhibits shall not contain any unrelated attachments.

   C. Copies of all exhibits received into evidence may be placed in a social file corresponding to the respective case involving the child or children. Only the judge and court staff may have access to said social file. All others shall not have access to the social file or exhibits without permission of the court. Those exhibits in the custody of the court reporting personnel may be open for inspection by counsel appointed or appearing on behalf of the parties upon a reasonable request of the court reporting personnel. All others may not have access to said exhibits without permission of the court.

Rule V(C) amendment approved December 10, 2014.