Five Graduate from Lancaster County DUI Court

Five Graduate from Lancaster County DUI Court

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The Lancaster DUI Court held a graduation ceremony and celebration on April 18, 2023. The ceremony marks the completion of an intensive program of comprehensive behavioral health treatment, intensive community supervision, and full accountability. This is a great achievement, and we are proud to recognize graduates Ariel Hernandez, Sandra Borke, Jordan Evans, Karah Kendall, and Andy Williams. Judge Darla S. Ideus presided over the ceremony along with Judge John Colborn (retired). Guests included Chief Justice Michael Heavican, Executive Director Mothers Against Drunk Driving Sarah Draper, and County Attorney Pat Condon.

Pictured is one of the graduates and members of the Lancaster County DUI Court.

The Lancaster DUI Court Program was established in April 2021. The Lancaster DUI Court is a multiagency collaborative court, with Judges from the Lancaster County District Court, attorneys from the Lancaster County Attorney’s Office, attorneys from the Lancaster County Public Defender’s Office, the District 3A Probation Officer, Lancaster County Community Corrections, and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s office.

The mission of the Lancaster County DUI Court is to increase public safety by providing a program that facilitates access to treatment and implements intensive case management; to decrease substance use; to return law-abiding, productive, and responsible citizens to their families and community; to reduce direct societal cost by diverting participants from the correctional system and by allowing the participants to continue to support their families and learn how to live with the addiction and to eliminate indirect societal cost by eliminating harm to potential future victims and their families, and the families of the participants.

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