Kaiser v. Allstate Indemnity Company

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Kaiser v. Allstate Indemnity Company

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11:20 am

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September 2, 2020
Case Time
9:00 AM
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District Court
Case Summary

S-19-0858 Jeremy Kaiser (Appellant) v. Allstate Indemnity Company

Douglas County District Court, Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf

Attorneys: Matt Saathoff & Donald E. Loudner III (The Saathoff Law Group, PC, LLO, for Appellant) --- Brian D. Nolan (Nolan, Olson & Stryker, PC, LLO, for Appellee)

Civil: Coverage for damages caused by methamphetamine manufacturing under rental insurance policy; Summary judgment

Proceedings Below: Appellant filed a complaint in district court asserting claims of breach of contract and bad faith based on the denial of a claim for property damage at a rental house. The court granted Appellee’s motion for summary judgment, finding that damages caused by methamphetamine manufacturing were excluded under the policy, and finding that the damages were not covered under the policy’s vandalism provision.

Issues: Whether the court correctly determined that 1) Appellant’s claim for property damages was excluded under the rental insurance policy; 2) the policy did not cover damages caused by vandalism; 3) if any genuine issues of material fact existed as to how Appellant’s property became damaged; and 4) whether the policy’s exclusions are ambiguous.

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