Kaiser v. Metropolitan Utilities District

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Kaiser v. Metropolitan Utilities District

Case Number
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Call Date
April 17, 2018
Case Time
1:00 PM
Case Summary

A-17-0686, Dan Kaiser (Appellant/Cross-Appellee) v. Metropolitan Utilities District (Appellee/Cross-Appellant)

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Daniel R. Fridrich

Attorney for Appellant:  James Harris

Attorney for Appellee:  Thomas Wulff and Mark Mendenhall

Workers’ Compensation: Award of Benefits

Action Taken by Compensation Court:  The compensation found Appellant had suffered a work-related injury, awarding a 70-percent loss of earning capacity, and finding him entitled to 300 weeks of partial permanent disability benefits and 43.1429 weeks of temporary total disability benefits.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: On appeal, Appellant asserts the compensation court erred in failing to find him to have suffered a 100-percent loss of earning capacity and not finding him to be totally disabled. On cross-appeal, Appellee argues the compensation court erred in finding Appellant suffered an accident and injury arising out of the scope of his employment and in finding Appellant gave adequate notice of his alleged injury under the workers’ compensation statutes.


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Moore, Chief Judge, Pirtle, and Arterburn, Judges