Kasun v. Kasun

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Kasun v. Kasun

Case Number
Call Date
April 15, 2015
Case Time
1:00 PM
Case Summary

A-14-0672, Angela Kasun, now known as Angela Bierman v. Timothy Kasun (Appellant)

Douglas County, District Court Judge Timothy P. Burns

Attorney for Appellant: Avis R. Andrews

Attorney for Appellee: Mark J. Milone (Govier & Milone, L.L.P.)

Civil Action: Custody and parenting time

Action Taken by Trial Court: The district court modified previous orders to award Appellee sole legal and physical custody, and provided no court-ordered parenting time for Appellant.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: Did the district court err in modifying the custody order? Did the district court err in providing no court-ordered parenting time? Did the district court's order effectively terminate Appellant's parental rights? Did the district court provide an appropriate parenting plan?

Case Location
Panel Text
Inbody, Pirtle and Bishop, Judges