Murray v. Stine

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Murray v. Stine

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April 28, 2015
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Case Summary

S-14-389 & 14-753 John E. Murray and Jim J. Fitl, as co-Trustees of the Murray/Fitl Children's Trust, a Nebraska Trust (Appellants) v. Greg Stine, an individual, an officer in Premier Bank, and as former interim manager of Mid City Bank, Premier Bank, a Nebraska Banking Institution f/k/a Purdum State Bank, John F. Lund, Harold Rock, John C. Lindsay, William J. Lindsay Jr., Dennis A. O'Neal, Robert J. Hearron, Vance D. Gardiner, Maurice C. Reiner, George Guina, Ken Grigsby, Philip Dawson, Mary F. Lindsay, Mary H. Lindsay, Daniel Lindsay, Michael Lindsay, Alice Lindsay, Stephen Lindsay, Marguerite Ford, John and Jane Does 1-10, ABC LLC, ABC Trust, ABC Corp., John and Jane Roes 1-10

Douglas County District Court, Judge W. Mark Ashford

Attorneys: James Sherrets & Diana J. Vogt (Sherrets Bruno & Vogt, LLC)(Appellants) --- William F. Hargens (McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO)(Appellees Stine & Premier Bank); John Passarelli (Kutak Rock LLP)(Appellees W. Lindsay, J. Lindsay, & J. Lund); Thomas J. McCusker (Gettman & Mills LLP)(Appellees O'Neal, Hearron & Renier); Steven D. Davidson (Baird Holm LLP)(Appellee Gardiner); William R. Reinsch (Reinsch, Slattery, Bear & Minahan, PC, LLO)(Appellee Grisby)

Civil: Breach of fiduciary duty; standing; summary judgment

Proceedings below: The district court granted Appellees' motion for summary judgment.

Issues: Whether the court erred as follows: 1) in dismissing Appellants' First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth causes of action for failure to state a claim, 2) in considering facts not stated in the complaint in reaching its decision under Neb. Ct. R. ' 6-1112(b)(6), 3) by making factual findings upon which it based its determination of standing, 4) in finding that Appellants had no standing, 5) in refusing to exercise its discretion to allow Appellants to bring a direct action, 6) in finding Stine had no fiduciary duty, 7) by granting summary judgment and dismissing Appellants' Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth causes of action on Appellees' motions for summary judgment.