Oaten v. Crete Carrier Corporation

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Oaten v. Crete Carrier Corporation

Case Number
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Call Date
March 10, 2020
Case Time
9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-19-0617, Michael L. Oaten v. Crete Carrier Corporation (Appellant)

Workers’ Compensation Court Judge J. Michael Fitzgerald

Attorneys for Appellant: Paul T. Barta and Jenna M. Christensen (Baylor Enven, LLP)

Attorney for Appellee: Jamie Gaylene Scholz (Miner Scholz & Associates, P.C., LLO)

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Action Taken by Trial Court: The compensation court found that Appellee suffered a compensable workplace injury to his lower back, which entitled him to temporary total and permanent total benefits and future medical care.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: Appellant argues that the compensation court erred in finding that Appellee’s pre-existing condition was a compensable workplace injury and in misapplying the factors to determine Appellee’s loss of earning capacity.

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Pirtle, Bishop, and Arterburn, Judges