Oldfield v. Nebraska Machinery Company

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Oldfield v. Nebraska Machinery Company

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February 28, 2017
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Case Summary

S-16-0526, David Oldfield (Appellant) v. Nebraska Machinery Company

Lancaster County, Hon. Andrew Jacobsen

Employment Law: Wrongful Termination

Attorneys: Robert F. Bartle (Bartle & Greier) ' Margaret C. Hersisher, David A. Yudelson (Koley Jessen)

Proceedings below: District court granted summary judgment in favor of Nebraska Machinery Company, finding insufficient evidence to sustain Oldfield's claims of wrongful termination, age discrimination, and retaliation.

Issues: Did the district court err in granting summary judgment to defendant on the basis that there was insufficient evidence to raise an inference that Oldfield was fired under the pretext of age discrimination and retaliation?