Public Outreach

Public Outreach

The majority of Judicial Branch Law Related Education programs are jointly organized with the Nebraska State Bar Foundation under the Public Education Outreach Promoting Law & Equity (PEOPLE) Committee.

The purpose of the PEOPLE committee is to help judges, lawyers, and volunteer personnel develop skills in public outreach, community collaboration, community leadership, and public service.

Student/Youth Programs

Public Education and Outreach Promoting Law & Equity (PEOPLE) Committee

The two primary youth programs jointly sponsored by the Court and the State Bar Foundation PEOPLE Law-Related Education Sub-Committee are tied to nationally recognized events: Constitution Day (September 17) and Law Day (May 1) with Law Day Job Shadowing.  Judges and court staff across the state also participate in Mock Trial and Teen Parents and the Law.

Adult Programs

Public Education and Outreach Promoting Law & Equity (PEOPLE) Committee

The Media Sub-Committee of the PEOPLE Committee develops materials for spokespersons to communicate with the media, recruits lawyers statewide to act as spokespersons, and educates members of the media (reporters and editors) and journalism classes (high school and post-secondary) about the role of the judiciary.

The subcommittee has extended its mission to include educating of other adults involved in the court system, including voters and jurors.

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Outreach

Nebraska’s Appellate Courts provide outreach programming focused on colleges and law schools. Oral arguments are held at colleges twice per year.  Argument sessions are followed by open question/answer sessions with students. 


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