In re Estate of Balvin

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In re Estate of Balvin

Case Number
Call Date
November 1, 2016
Court Number
Case Summary

S-15-1033, In re Estate of George Balvin, Sr.

County Court of Douglas County, Judge Marcena Hendrix

Attorneys: William G. Stockdale, Michael D. Kozlik (Harris & Associates, PC, LLO for Appellant George Balvin, Jr.); William F. McGinn (McGinn, McGinn, Springer, & Noethe Law Firm for Appellee Kevin Balvin)

Civil: Probate (Intestate)

Proceedings Below: The County Court issued a 'Formal Order for Complete Settlement after Informal Intestate Proceedings' upon the petition of one co-personal representative over the opposition of the other co-personal representative.

Issues: Appellant made the following assignments of error: (1) approving the distribution of assets held in a trust as part of the estate; (2) approving the intestate distribution that excluded a bank account held by the decedent and co-trustee as joint tenants with a right of survivorship; (3) approving the intestate distribution that excluded money spent by the Appellee to purchase a car with funds from the joint bank account of the decedent and Appellee; (4) approving the intestate distribution that set off payments made by Appellee to Appellant for a share of certain non-probate assets; and (5) stating in its order that Appellee's wife was an heir.