In re Estate of Giventer

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In re Estate of Giventer

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9:50 am


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November 5, 2020
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9:00 AM
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County Court
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S-20-0111  In re Estate of Pearl R. Giventer, deceased, Edward F. Fogarty and J. Bruce Teichman (Appellants) v. Marlys Lebowitz, Personal Representative of the Estate of Pearl R. Giventer, deceased

Douglas County Court, Judge Craig Q. McDermott

Attorneys: Edward F. Fogarty (pro se) and J. Bruce Teichman (pro se) — Diana J. Vogt & James L. Schneider (Sherretts Bruno & Vogt, LLC, for Appellee)

Probate: Claims for fees and expenses

Proceedings Below: The court denied the claims for fees and expenses.

Issue: Appellants assign that the court erred in 1) failing to award and order the trust to pay their fair and reasonable fees; 2) finding Appellant, Fogarty’s, fees and expenses incurred prior to decedent’s death were time barred; and 3) failing to declare all claims of Maryls Lebowitz and Paul Giventer were without merit and were precluded against Appellants.

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