In re Interest of Mya C.

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In re Interest of Mya C.

Case Number
Call Date
October 14, 2015
Case Time
9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-15-0204, In re Interest of Mya C., Latoya M. and David M., Jr., children under 18 years of age. State of Nebraska v. David M., Sr. (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Separate Juvenile Court Judge Reggie L. Ryder

Attorney for Appellant: Laura A. Lowe, P.C.

Attorney for Appellee: Lory A. Pasold (Lancaster County Attorney's Office)

Juvenile Action: Termination of parental rights

Action Taken by Trial Court: The juvenile court found sufficient statutory grounds to terminate David M., Sr.'s parental rights to his minor children Latoya M. and David M., Jr. and that termination would be in the children's best interests.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: On appeal, David Sr. assigns that the juvenile court erred in (1) finding that statutory grounds for termination exist, (2) finding that termination of his parental rights was in the children's best interests, (3) finding that the Department of Health and Human Services had exercised reasonable efforts to preserve and reunify the family, and (4) finding that he failed to make sufficient progress on court-ordered services to regain custody of his children.

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Irwin, Inbody, and Riedmann, Judges