Rogers v. Jack's Supper Club

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Rogers v. Jack's Supper Club

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10:40 am


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December 3, 2020
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9:00 AM
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S-20-0170 Sheryl A. Rogers v. Jack’s Supper Club and Continental Western Group (Appellants)

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, Hon. J. Michael Fitzgerald

Attorneys: Caroline M. Westerhold, Jenna M. Christensen (Baylor Evnen, LLP, for Appellants); Todd R. McWha (Waite & McWha Law Firm, for Appellee)

Civil: Workers’ Compensation

Proceedings below: The compensation court appointed Dr. Johnathan Daitch as Ms. Rogers’s Rule 50 physician. The court also found that Appellants were responsible for Ms. Rogers’s medical treatment as Dr. Daitch found appropriate in type and scope.

Issues on Appeal: Whether the compensation court erred in failing to determine in its order on remand whether Dr. Daitch’s treatment regimen was necessary and reasonable; and whether the compensation court’s order on remand violates Rule 11.

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