State obo Lilliana L. v. Hugo C.

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State obo Lilliana L. v. Hugo C.

Case Number
Court Number
Call Date
November 7, 2018
Case Time
9:30 AM
Case Summary

A-17-1316, State obo Lilliana L. v. Hugo C. (Appellant) v. Melanie J. v. Theresa L. (Intervenor)

Burt County, District Court Judge John E. Samson

Attorney for Appellant: Ryan D. Caldwell (Caldwell Law, LLC)

Attorney for Appellee/Intervenor: Michael J. Tasset, Denise E. Frost (Johnson & Mock, PC, LLO)  

Civil Action: Custody 

Action Taken by Trial Court:  After Melanie J., natural mother of Lilliana, passed away, Appellant, Lilliana’s father, filed a motion for custody. Appellee/Intervenor, Lilliana’s maternal aunt, was allowed to intervene, as she had physical custody of Lilliana. She moved for custody and after a trial, the court awarded Appellee/Intervenor custody of Lilliana.

Assignments of Error on Appeal:  Did the trial court err in finding that Appellee/Intervenor was in loco parentis and had standing to litigate for custody? Did the trial court err in allowing Appellee/Intervenor to intervene despite evidence of her unclean hands? Did the trial court err in awarding custody of Lilliana to Appellee/Intervenor?

Case Location
Court Type
District Court
Schedule Code
Panel Text
Pirtle, Bishop, and Arterburn, Judges