State v. Cody

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State v. Cody

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9:50 am APPE WEBEX
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November 10, 2020
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9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-19-0852, State v. Gregory S. Cody (Appellant)

Lancaster County, District Court Judge Kevin McManaman

Attorney for Appellant:  Jason E. Troia (Dornan, Troia, Howard, Breitkreutz & Conway, PC LLO)

Attorney for Appellee:  Douglas J. Peterson, Melissa R. Vincent (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  Aggravated First Degree Sexual Assault

Action Taken by Trial Court:  Jury found appellant guilty of first degree sexual assault. The district court accepted the verdict and also found that the offense constituted an aggravated offense.

Assignments of Error on Appeal:  The appellant’s fourteen assignments of error relate to the appellant’s claim that: (1) the court erred in its evidentiary rulings, in giving the erroneously worded jury instructions, and in finding the evidence sufficient to convict appellant and then giving him an excessive sentence; (2) that the State committed prosecutorial misconduct by asking a witness leading questions that created an inference inconsistent with the witness’s report; and (3) that the appellant received ineffective assistance of counsel.

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District Court
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Bishop, Arterburn, and Welch, Judges