State v. Duncan

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State v. Duncan

Case Number
Call Date
September 30, 2015
Court Number
Case Summary

S-15-0083 State v. Larry F. Duncan (Appellant)

Lancaster County District Court, Judge Robert R. Otte

Attorneys: Austin N. Relph (Attorney General's Office) --- Shawn Elliott (Public Defender's Office) (Appellant)

Criminal: Randolph doctrine; excessive Sentence

Proceedings below: Appellant pled no contest to felony interlock violation and was sentenced to 12 to 24 months.

Issues: The district court erred in 1) imposing a sentence of more than one year when such sentence was not permitted due to the Randolph doctrine (State v. Randolph, 186 Neb. 297 (1971), and 2) imposing an excessive sentence.