Tierney v. Tierney

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Tierney v. Tierney

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Case Number
Call Date
April 27, 2021
Case Time
9:00 AM
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Court Type
District Court
Case Summary

S-20-0731 Kathryn Ann Tierney v. Lawrence William Tierney (Appellant)

Custer County District Court, Hon. Karin L. Noakes

Attorneys: Marsha E. Fangmeyer, Attorney for Appellant — John B. McDermott & Mark Porto (Wolf, McDermott, Depue, Sabott, Butz & Porto, LLC, for Appellee)

Civil: Dissolution of marriage; Determination of metes and bounds description

Proceedings Below: The court sustained Appellee’s motion to determine a metes and bounds description and awarded her a 5.24-acre tract of land with the house, including an easement.

Issues on Appeal: Appellant assigns that the court erred in 1) awarding Appellee a 5.24-acre tract of land; 2) failing to follow the law-of-the-case doctrine; 3) determining it had the authority to create a new parcel of land with a metes and bounds description in a divorce proceeding without input from local zoning authorities; 4) failing to account for the increased value of the 5.24-acre tract of land along with numerous buildings which resulted in an unfair division of the marital estate after that division had been finalized on appeal; and 5) overruling Appellant’s motion for new trial.

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