Tyrrell v. Frakes

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Tyrrell v. Frakes

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Case Number
Call Date
February 3, 2021
Case Time
9:00 AM
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District Court
Case Summary

S-20-0425 Gregory Tyrrell (Appellant) v. Scott Frakes, Director, Dept. of Corrections et al.

Lancaster County District Court, Hon. Jodi L. Nelson

Attorneys:  Gregory Tyrrell, pro se – James A. Campbell (Solicitor General, Office of the Attorney General, for the State of Nebraska)

Civil: Habeas Corpus

Proceedings Below:  The district court held that litigants who do not contest the Parole Board’s jurisdiction over their parole cannot use a petition for a writ of habeas corpus under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 29-2801 to overturn the Board’s decision revoking their parole.  

Issues on Appeal:  Appellant assigns the following errors, whether the district court erred 1) when it failed to determine sua sponte to issue the writ of habeas corpus; 2) in failing to issue a writ of habeas corpus; 3) in sustaining the Appellees’ motion to quash; 4) when it overruled the Appellant’s motion for reconsideration; 5) when it overruled the Appellant’s motion to amend; and Appellant also asserts that it is plain error that the Nebraska Parole Board 6) revoked the Appellant’s parole for lawful communications on social media; 7) revoked Appellant’s parole for violating a condition of parole that is unconstitutionally vague; 8) placed a special condition of parole on the Appellant that was unduly restrictive of his liberty and not specifically related to the cause of his offense; 9) failed to find that Appellant’s nonpayment of parole fees was a deliberate refusal or that Appellant was financially capable of making payments; 10) revoked Appellant’s parole for nonpayment of parole supervision fees accrued more than 8.5 years prior to his revocation hearing; 11) revoked the Appellant’s parole for a technical violation; 12) failed to disclose evidence used against the Appellant at his parole revocation hearing; 13) determined the Appellant had violated two conditions of parole in addition to the conditions Appellant was alleged to have violated; and 14) was not “neutral and detached” and subjected the Appellant to an adversarial hearing in violation of Nebraska Administrative Rules and Regulation Title 270, Chapter 11, Section 6. 

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