Urban v. Urban

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Urban v. Urban

Case Number
Court Number
Call Date
September 13, 2017
Case Time
9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-16-1162, Jodi Lynn Urban (Appellee and Cross Appellant) v. Randall Scott Urban (Appellant)

District Court of Polk County, District Judge Rachel A. Daugherty

Attorney for Appellant:  Hannah C. Wooldridge (Slowiaczek, Albers & Astley, P.C., L.L.O)

Attorney for Appellee and Cross Appellant:  Scott D. Grafton (Grafton Law Office, P.C., L.L.O.)

Civil Action:  Modification of Parenting Plan

Action taken by the Trial Court:  The district court entered a modification order, which, among other things, modified the parenting time of Randall and Jodi’s minor child and authorized Jodi to suspend Randall’s parenting time in the event Randall violates any term of the modified parenting plan.

Assignments of Error and Issues on Appeal:  Did the district court err in finding a material change in circumstances occurred since entry of the decree of dissolution? Did the district court err in eliminating Randall’s weekday overnight parenting time? Did the district court err in delegating the court’s authority to unilaterally suspend parenting time on the basis of violating the modified parenting plan to Jodi?

Assignments of Error and Issues on Cross Appeal:  Did the district court err in failing to adopt Jodi’s proposed parenting plan in its entirety?

Case Location
Court Type
District Court
Panel Text
Moore, Chief Judge, Bishop, and Arterburn, Judges