Rule 11-7. Exhibits

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Rule 11-7. Exhibits

Exhibits may be released under the following conditions:

    (i) Upon motion of an introducing party or counsel, to such party or counsel if a motion is made to substitute a copy and the motion is granted;

    (ii) Upon motion of an introducing party or counsel, after trial if the appeal time has run and the motion has been granted;

    (iii) Upon motion, when a photograph has been substituted for a large or cumbersome exhibit and the motion is granted;

    (iv) Any exhibit may be disposed of or substituted for according to the applicable records retention and disposition schedule of the State Records Administrator. Exhibits shall first be returned to party or counsel if they can be determined. Thirty (30) days notice will be given prior to the disposal of any exhibit. If the exhibit is not claimed it may be destroyed. The disposition of exhibits shall further be controlled by Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 24-1004 (Reissue 1989) and 84-1201 to 84-1220 (Reissue 1994).

Adopted effective November 3, 1995.