Rule 7-8. Court Files

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Rule 7-8. Court Files

   No court file shall be removed from the clerk's office except under exceptional circumstances and then only for good cause shown. This rule shall not apply to transcripts or bills of exceptions.

   Attorneys may check out transcripts and bills of exceptions from the clerk's office for not more than 7 days. Before removing any such transcript or bill of exceptions, a receipt therefor shall be executed and left with the clerk. If the transcript or bill of exceptions is not returned within 7 days, or sooner if ordered by the court, the clerk, by written notice, shall warn that checkout privileges will be suspended unless such item is returned forthwith. On failure of such return, the clerk is directed by the court to suspend until further order the checkout privileges of the involved attorney.

   Any person may obtain photocopies of any public filings at a cost of 25 cents per page.

   This rule shall not apply to the judge or his or her designate.

Adopted effective September 22, 1995.