Rule 9-15. Telephonic Hearings

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Rule 9-15. Telephonic Hearings

   A. No matter will be heard telephonically unless consent is obtained from the court.

   B. Telephonic hearings requested by the moving party shall be arranged prior to the filing of the motion, and the notice of hearing shall clearly state that the hearing will be held by telephonic conference call. Telephonic hearings requested by a party other than the moving party shall be arranged prior to the hearing, and notice shall be filed by the party requesting the hearing, together with proof of service on all opposing parties.

   C. Telephonic hearings involving evidentiary matters require a verbatim record, and exhibits shall be provided to the court and opposing parties at least 24 hours prior to the hearing.

   D. Parties to a hearing not involving evidentiary matters are deemed to have waived a verbatim record unless request is made in writing prior to the commencement of the hearing.

   E. Initiation of the Telephonic Conference Call.

   (1) The party requesting the telephonic conference call shall be responsible for initiating the call and shall provide for all expenses of the call.

   (2) If the court determines that the sound quality or volume is insufficient, the court will require the hearing to be continued and reschedule the hearing with parties and counsel appearing.

Approved September 9, 2010.