Foster-Rettig v. Indoor Football Operating, LLC

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Foster-Rettig v. Indoor Football Operating, LLC

Case Number
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Call Date
November 14, 2017
Case Time
9:30 AM
Case Summary

A-17-0048, Aldwin R. Foster-Rettig v. v. Indoor Football Operating, LLC (Appellant)

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Daniel R. Fridrich

Attorney for Appellant:  James D. Garriott (Cassem, Tierney, Adams, Gotch & Douglas)

Attorney for Appellee:  Jeffrey F. Putnam (Law Office of Jeffrey F. Putnam, P.C., L.L.O.)

Workers’ Compensation Action:  Original Award

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The compensation court entered an award in favor of Appellee, awarding him with both temporary total disability payments and permanent partial disability payments.

Assignments of Error on Appeal:  On appeal, Appellant asserts that the compensation court erred in calculating Appellee’s average weekly wage. Specifically, Appellant argues that the compensation court should not have included in its calculation of average weekly wage estimates of what Appellant spent on lodging and meals for Appellee during his employment. 

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Pirtle, Riedmann, and Arterburn, Judges