In re Interest of Madison T.

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In re Interest of Madison T.

Additional Case Names
In re Interest of Conrad L. In re Interest of Austin S.
Case Number
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Call Date
November 9, 2021
Case Time
1:00 PM
Case Summary

A-21-102+, In re Interest of Madison T. et al.

Custer County, County Court sitting as a Juvenile Court, Judge Kale B. Burdick

Attorneys for Appellant: Marsha E. Fangmeyer; Vikki S. Stamm (Stamm Romero & Associates, PC, LLO)

Attorneys for Appellee: Steven R. Bowers and Kayla C. Clark (Custer County Attorney’s Office)

Guardian ad Litem: Julie K.W. Gawrych (Wroblewski & Gawrych Law Office LLC)

Juvenile Action: Termination of Parental Rights

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The juvenile court terminated the mother’s parental rights to Madison T., Conrad L., and Austin S. after finding by clear and convincing evidence that statutory grounds for termination existed pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 43-292(2), (4), (6), and (7) (Reissue 2016), and that the mother was unfit and termination of her parental rights was in the children’s best interests.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: The mother assigns the juvenile court erred when it: (1) held that termination of her parental rights had been proven by the State; (2) found that reasonable efforts had been provided to her by the Department of Health and Human Services; (3) found that she had been provided with services to assist her in completing the terms and conditions in the case plan and court report; (4) found that she had failed to financially support her children; (5) found that she has substantially and continuously and repeatedly neglected to give the juveniles parental care and protection; (6) found that she was unfit due to her habitual use of narcotic drugs; (7) found that it was in the best interests of the children to have her parental rights terminated; and (8) did not find, at the permanency hearing on this matter, that a termination of parental rights was going to be filed and left the goal as family preservation/reunification for the plan.

Case Location
Buffalo County Board of Commissioners Board Room
Court Type
County Court
Schedule Code
Panel Text
Moore, Bishop, and Arterburn, Judges